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1. Responsibility

By using our website you are aware that all content provided is for information purposes only and does not constitute a legal contract with our company. Note: We are not an estate agency. The information provided, including content, images and videos are supplied for guidance purposes only, and you are responsible for ensuring any content provided is accurate and legal before entering into any rental agreements with our landlords.

The information supplied by our landlords is fully checked and verified to help protect our community, however, we are not responsible for any misleading, incorrect or inaccurate information published by our landlords.

When you register for property alerts or subscribe to our newsletter, you must ensure that all the information supplied is correct and up to date. When you make contact with our landlords you deal direct at all times.


2. Landlords

When you submit your property to our website you will be required to register and sign in to complete a property submit form. This form requires you to enter your full contact information, content description, property address and photographs of the property you are advertising with us. Once your property has been verified, we will publish it to our website. If we find any problems with the content you supplied we will contact you.

It is free to list your property on our website at www.privatelandlordrentals.co.uk/properties/.

2.1 Quick Add

If your property is listed on another website, you can use the 'Quick Add' button to copy your property content to our website. By using the Quick Add button, you give us full permission to copy your content and images from the URL you provided and publish it to our website.

2.2 Changes

You can make changes to your property by signing in to your online account and clicking the 'Edit' link in My Properties. All changes are subject to review before being updated on our website.

2.3 Status

You can change the status of your property from active, to pause, or end the listing. When you change the status to 'Pause' or 'End', your property will still remain visible in our archive section (in case you want to recover it later), however, your contact details will be removed from the listing.

2.4 Enquiries

All property enquiries are sent directly to your registered email address. If you have provided your phone number, this will be displayed on the contact details page to allow tenants to call or send you a text message.

2.5 Important

To protect our community from fraud, we reserve the right to reject, delete, and in some cases ban any landlord who submits any illegal content without notice.


3. Third Parties

This website will provide external links to products and services provided by companies we are not affiliated with. When you visit these websites, we may earn a small commission from any purchase you make. By using our website you agree that we will not be held responsible for any disputes relating to purchases made through external websites.

4. Copyright

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5. Disclaimer

This website and all content, images and videos are copyright their respective owners. We are not liable for any content provided that is inaccurate or wrong. It is your responsibility to evaluate all content before making any decisions. We may need to put our website offline from time to time, during this time we will not be held responsible for any interruption, loss of income or business opportunity.




Updated 8 Aug 21